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Toddler-Friendly Units

One important aspect to consider when choosing units for your event is the age of the participants. We decided that toddlers needed some units just for themselves! These inflatables are aimed to allow toddlers to enjoy by featuring smaller, easier to climb ladders (compared to our larger combo units) and fun, new designs! 


Adventure Ship

Our new Adventure Ship inflatable offers a one-of-a kind theme! On board the ship you'll find a small slide and climbing area that won't require your little ones to pull up their body weight making this unit ideal for small children to enjoy.

Dimensions- 22L x 14W x 13H

Animal Combo

Our new animal themed obstacle course is perfect for your toddler's next party! There is something for everyone to do- from bouncing and climbing among turtles and dolphins to sliding alongside lions and giraffes.  Features: bounce area, crawling obstacles and slide .

Dimensions- 18L x 17W x 9H


Key West Combo

Our new Key West  Combo features a beautiful design and easy climb ladder- this combo unit has the smallest climbing ladder of any of our combo units, making it work especially well with kids 4 and under. Features: Basketball hoops, Bounce house area, Slide (Wet or Dry).

Dimensions: 21L x 13W x 12H 

14 Foot Splash Slide (Wet or Dry)

Our 14ft slide is great for backyard cookouts, summer camps, and birthday parties alike. Some features include is a durable, non-slip climbing ladder to help kids climb to the top and a splash landing area at the bottom of the slide. Can be used wet or dry.

Dimensions: 22L x 12W x 14H

3-in-1 (toddler) Obstacle Course

The 3-in-1 obstacle course offers three unique features: a full size Deluxe Bounce house, two basketball hoops and a 18 foot obstacle course! This unit is great for kids 1-10 years old but is especially great for toddlers (1-4 yrs)! Don't worry parents, there is no climbing ladder or wall for the kids to climb so they are not required to pull up their own body weight, which ultimately offers a fun and safe experience for the little ones!

Dimensions- 32L x 17W x 16H

30 Foot Obstacle Course

Ready, set, GO! Race your friend through the 30ft long tropical themed obstacle course. Charge through the inflatable barriers, over the climbing wall, and down the slide! (WET or DRY)

Dimensions- 30L x 10W x 12H