Xtreme Sports

Looking to add some friendly competition to your next event? We have Xtreme Sports games of all shapes and sizes! Challenge your friends and family in our Gladiator Joust or see who can hit the target the most in our SAFE Archery! No matter what the age group is for your event, we have the perfect Xtreme Sports game for you!

New Unit Alert!! 

Big Baller

If you’ve seen the show “Wipeout” then you’ll definitely recognize this inflatable! Our Big Baller is a challenging game in which the participant attempts to hop across all 4 orange balls to reach the other side of the inflatable. Don’t worry if your event falls on an especially hot day- this unit has a roof to shade the participants!

Dimensions: 42L X 17W X 14H

Interactive Light Challenge 

Go head-to-head with your friends with our brand new Interactive Light Games! Choose from 2 styles- Tabletop or Arena and see who can hit their colored light the most in 60 seconds! There is a digital scorekeeper included. These games are great for adults and kids, corporate events, and team building!

Arena Dimensions- 15L 15W 9H    Table Top Dimensions- 10L 5W 3H

            Arena                          Table Top

SAFE- Archery

Our new, SAFE archery is fun for all ages and will bring the perfect amount of competition to any party! Just aim the bow and foam tipped SAFE arrow at the floating targets and let it fly!! This will change the way you think about archery- making it SAFE and fun at the same time!

Dimensions- 20L 10W 9H  

Nerf ShootOut

Dimensions- 20L 10W 9H  

Gladiator Joust

Battle your friend on balance, stamina and strength! Try and knock one another off the inflatable podiums while on-lookers cheer and jeer! This family friendly Gladiator Joust comes with two "jousting" foam poles and head gear. 10 years and older recommended.

Dimensions- 20L 20W 8H  

Bungee Run

Strap in, and on your mark, get set...GO! Race to the finish line until you get pulled back from the bungee harness. This is great for all types of parties and will certainly be a hit at yours! The inflatable bungee run measures over 40' long ! 10 years and older recommended. 

Dimensions- 34L 11W 10H  

3 in 1 Sports

At just over 20 feet long our new 3 in 1 Extreme Sports game is our largest and best sports game! The 3 in 1 Sports game offers soccer, football and basketball and is great for large events and parties with a variety of ages. Ages 4 and up.

21'L x 18'W x 16'H