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Combo Bounce Houses (WET/DRY)

Combo Bounce Houses are fun for all ages because there are so many activities packed into a single unit. Bounce in the bounce house with your friends, practice your basketball skills, glide down the slide, or race through an obstacle course! Does your event have a theme? We have a variety of themed combo units from tropical to princess and MORE!


Candy Land Sugar Shack Combo

Looking for a sweet addition to your next event? Our Sugar Shack Combo is just what you're looking for! Great for ice cream socials and Candy Land themed events, this combo includes a full size bouncing area with basketball hoops, a climbing wall, and dual slides to race your friends into the pool! The bright colors and dessert theme is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dimensions: 35L x 15W 17H

Circus Combo 5-in-1 (DRY)

Step right up to our Circus Combo Unit! This colorful and exciting combo unit comes fully equipped with a large bouncing area, climbing wall, and slide with a splash landing area. This unit can be used dry.

Dimensions: 25L x 20W x 18H

Key West Combo

Our new Key West  Combo features a beautiful design and easy climb ladder- this combo unit has the smallest climbing ladder of any of our combo units, making it work especially well with kids 4 and under. Features: Basketball hoops, Bounce house area, Slide (Wet or Dry).

Dimensions: 21L x 13W x 12H

Jupiter Island Combo (Double Lane)

Our NEW Jupiter Island Combo has activities for all! Features include a full size bouncing area, basketball hoops, climbing wall, and a slide landing in a pool. This combo can be used wet or dry.

Dimensions: 33L x 15W x 14H

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Mini Blue Crush Combo

Our new Mini Blue Crush Combo features a beautiful design and easy climb ladder- this combo unit has Jupiter Bounce's smallest climbing ladder, making it work especially well with kids 4 and under. Some features include: Bounce house, Slide, Basketball Hoop. (WET or DRY) 

Dimensions: 21L x 13W x 16H

5-in-1 Economy (Dry)

The 5-in-1 Economy bounce house is a dry unit that offers a ton of enjoyment. Equipped with a slide, climbing wall, climbing tunnel, two basketball hoops, and a large bouncing area, this unit is the perfect choice for a party looking for a bounce house with a slide and many more options!      

 Dimensions: 20L x 15W x 16H

5-in-1 Single Lane

The 5-in-1, Single Lane bounce house features 2 basketball hoops, a full size bounce house, 2 climbing walls, and a slide! This single slide takes up less area than our other bounce houses yet has a ton of cool features!  (WET OR DRY)

Dimensions: 32L x 17W x 16H

Twin Falls (double lane)

Our Twin Falls Combo features two uniquely curved 12 foot slides unlike any other in our inventory! Participants can bounce in the bounce house then race to the bottom of the double lane slide. This unit can be used dry, or you can add a hose to the slide portion to cool down on a hot day! (WET or DRY)

Dimensions: 34L x 20W x 16H


Princess Castle (double lane)

Introducing the new Princess Bounce House! This beautifully themed bounce house can be used wet or dry and is a princess themed playhouse perfect for your little princess. With a safe splash landing zone at the bottom of the slide, this combo's features include: bouncing area, basketball hoop, and bouncy ladder wall up to the double slide! (WET or DRY)

Dimensions: 28L x 15W x 15H (exterior dimensions)

5-in-1 Double Lane (wet or dry) 

The 5-in-1 double lane combo is an excellent options for a variety of ages. This unit works well any time of the year! It is completely covered, from the bounce house with two basketball hoops inside with the dual climbing wall, to the double lane slide. (WET or DRY)

 Dimensions: 31L x 17W x 17H