Interactive Games

Our Interactive Games are the perfect addition to any event. Whether you’re having a family gathering or large community event, our interactive games will create a fun and competitive atmosphere for participants of ALL ages! We have a wide selection of sports games, yard games, and some unique games you won’t find anywhere else! What makes these interactive games so great for all ages? Their versatility and variety! Also, no one gets on this equipment.


Beat the Bucket

Beat the Bucket is the world's first "Dunkee Defendable" dunk tank. The only game allowing a player the opportunity to control their fate. A single player stands behind the station with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the two targets from being hit. A second player throws balls while trying to hit the 2 targets. Great alternative to a dunk tank with a bucket that refills itself!


The Vault

The Vault is a game unlike any other! Using the handheld trigger, try to stop the orbiting white light on the red lights. Sounds easy enough- right? Select from 4 distinct difficulty levels and try to complete 5, 30 second rounds! Challenge your friends at your next party and see who can open the Vault first!   Watch an awesome video HERE!

Giant Yard Pong

Play pong inside on a table before? Well, we blew up the size of everything and brought the game outside! The (12) cups are 19 gallon buckets and the ping pong balls grew up to be dodgeballs! Fun for all ages and great at any party.

Giant "Legos"

LEGOs- your favorite toy to play with as a kid and least favorite toy to step on as an adult. Our Giant LEGOs are great for commercial and residential events alike. They are perfect for your young builder and big enough to not step on by mistake!

3 in 1 Extreme Sports

At just over 20 feet long our new 3 in 1 Extreme Sports game is our largest and best sports game! The 3 in 1 Sports game offers soccer, football and basketball and is great for large events and parties with a variety of ages. Ages 4 and up. 21'L x 18'W x 16'H

Double Shot Basketball Game

Battle a friend to a basketball shootout! Throw the ball at the hoop and it'll roll back to you. 12L x 10W x 10H

* basketballs provided.

Baseball Game

This inflatable T Ball game is perfect for any baseball fan! Take a swing at a floating ball and attempt to hit it into the holes in the backdrop to score points. This game is sure to be a hit at your next event! 19L x 11W x 9H


Every kids favorite game! Roll the ball up the lane and try to make it in different holes to score points. Dimensions: 17L x 7W x 9H

* balls provided

Soccer Shootout

Our NEW soccer shootout features great 1 on 1 competition for all players.  Take your best shot as you attempt to kick the soccer ball past the goalie for the win!                          12FT. X 11FT. X 8FT. (LxWxH) 

Giant Connect Four

Life size Connect Four is here! Challenge a friend to a great backyard game. Allows for teams of 2 or 1-on-1 play.

  • Measures 48 x 22.4 x 46 inches (WxDxH)

Kiddie Hi Striker

Who can resist picking up the mallet and banging away on a Hi Striker?  With sizes for kids of all ages, you can't go wrong with this incredible carnival game. People play it time after time to try and ring that bell.  Great for any event!

Giant Jenga

Pull from the bottom and stack it on top! See how high it goes before it falls and bring this childhood game to new heights.

Dunk Tank

Dunk your friend or boss! Throw the ball and hit the red button and watch them splash.

*3 balls provided

Corn Hole

This popular back yard game is played like horse-shoes and fun for all ages! 8 bean bags included. 

cornhole 1.jpg

Giant Boxing Gloves

Lace up and have fun! Try to go all 12 rounds or at least until you hear the "bell ring".

**Can also be used inside a bounce house!

Sumo Suit

Suit up in these air-filled suits and try to knock the other person down! Can be used inside of a bounce house or in the grass!


Sack Racing

Challenge your friend or all of them to a race to the finish! This classic game will have you laughing and falling all over the place hopping in a potato sack to the finish line!

Set of 10

Rock Climbing Wall

Have what it takes to reach the top? Strap up and race up the rock wall for your personal best time! 

rock wall.JPG

Giant Movie Screens


Mega Wire

Size DOES Matter! Megawire is the ultimate test of patience, whole body steadiness, and hand-eye co-ordination. Watch while players attempt to navigate the handheld ring through 12 linear feet of tube on this massive 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide game. Should they lose their concentration and make a mistake, the red light will turn on along with an audible buzzer. 

Top Doc / Similar to "Giant Operation"

Top Doc takes a classic board game, and scales it up while adding a technology twist for greater appeal and improved game play. With Top Doc, the players wand is actually an electromagnet. So when the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand and magnetizes. While carefully removing the piece, should contact be made with the cutout, the magnet automatically turns off and the piece drops. An audible beep is triggered along with a visual light, and the unit records the mistake on a large 3 inch LED display

New Mega Wire & Giant Operation Video