JupiterBounce.Com's Water Units- Slides & Games!

We are in the midst of summer and you know what that means! As the weather gets warmer, JupiterBounce.com has exactly what you’re looking for to get cool- Waterslides and water games!

We have waterslides for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Starting with our Combo Bounce Houses, these units each have a bounce house attached to a small slide and come in a variety of styles and themes. We also have a wide selection of stand-alone waterslides ranging in size from 12ft all the way to our 25ft double lane slide! One of our featured waterslides is our 18ft Kowabunga Wave Slide (pictured to the right); this slide is great for kids and adults alike because of its size and style. The safety ladder allows kids and adults to easily climb to the top of the slide and a small pool at the bottom makes for a fun splash landing!

Looking to get soaked but a slide isn’t for you? JupiterBounce.com has got you covered! We not only have a classic dunk tank, but we have a new game called Beat the Bucket! Beat the Bucket is the world's first "Dunkee Defendable" dunk tank. Here’s how it works: A single player stands behind the station and, with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the two targets from being hit. A second player throws balls while trying to hit the 2 targets. Great alternative to a dunk tank with a bucket that refills itself!

Checkout any of the above-mentioned slides and games at JupiterBounce.Com!