What to Look for in a Good Bounce House Company (PART 3: Variety, Insurance and Professionalism)

So far, we have covered a little about the types of events we provide equipmen for and that no event is too big or too small for us to handle. Next, we'd like to iscuss what goes into covering a wide variety of events. After all, the flexibility of our large inventory is what makes JupiterBounce.com jupiterbounce.com so versatile.

Variety of Equipment

Parties with bounce houses are mainly geared toward children ages ten and under, right? Mainly, yes, but who brings these kids to these parties? Parents or guardians do, of course! For the kids we offer: bounce houses, water slides, carnival games, interactive games, bubble machines, giant outdoor movie screens and cotton candy machines...just to name a few. What do the parents do when their kids are having all the fun or if the event is geared to the older crowd? That is why we also have products such as: photo booths, dunk tanks, and water slides so they can partake in the festivities too! Our website, Jupiterbounce.com, has all of the items mentioned and more to rent...but that's not all. Anything is possible for your event! No, really, anything you needed, we have access to. Looking for a rock climbing wall or face painting? We can get that! Need balloon twisting or a magician? We can get that for you too! We work with many other vendors that offer the products or services that you do not see on our website, so just ask us! We might even be able to use our partner discounts to ensure you receive the best possible pricing for you event.

The variety and volume of our products allows us to service your event, no matter the size. We've catered to 10 person parties, large BBQs, Town Festivals and lots of corporate functions! But why is having all of these products and services good for you? It's providing you with the ease of dealing with only one reputable company to fulfill your party needs. Planning is tough enough. The most work you have to do is dialing, 561.628.6688 and leave the rest to us!


Licensed and Insured

Jupiterbounce.com http://jupiterbounce.com/ is licensed and insured - which not only provides protection of our business, and peace of mind; it also allows us to conduct business with large corporations, city and state governing bodies and individual customers. Being licensed and insured allows us to set up in any park in the country (i.e.. Carlin Park, Anchorage, Ocean Cay, PGA Park, and Lilac, to name a few in this area...)! We are lucky to live in a part of the country that has beautiful parks, and pretty great weather year round. Consider utilizing our great Parks and Rec facilities for your next party...your grass (and neighbors) will thank you! Just mention to us when booking if you are having your event at one of our amazing local parks. We will ask the important questions (is there power? do we need to bring generators?) and will make sure your part goes off without a hitch!


We covered this a little in our past post, however we feel it important enough to mention again. We are here to serve you and to ensure we do our very best at what you hired us to do. We like to refer to the Four P's: Prompt, Prepared, Performance and Professionalism. Our staff will always be in uniform and will be held accountable while at your event. No need to search for your phone and hope we, "...get back to you as soon as we are able." You have a question or concern to address? Look for our staff member in uniform for an immediate answer. We guarantee you won't have any issues with our products, but it's nice to know we are there if there ever is.

Your satisfaction is my highest priority! Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have!

Stephen (Owner)


EST. 2006


Palm Beach Gardens Event Rentals

JupiterBounce.Com has been in business for over 12 years in South Florida and we are proud to service Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding area. We have a large selection of event rental items available in Palm Beach Gardens, including water slides, rock walls, face painters, interactive games, and MORE.

There are many things to consider when planning your event in Palm Beach Gardens. JupiterBounce.Com is fully licensed and insured and Palm Beach County Park approved, unlike some of our competitors! This means, if you are planning an event at a local park in Palm Beach Gardens, we have the necessary permission to provide you with all of your party rental needs!

Here at JupiterBounce.Com we take pride in our clean units and on time delivery to each and every Palm Beach Gardens event. Our staff is extremely friendly and experienced with event setups in Palm Beach Gardens, ensuring the best quality!
Next time you have an event coming up in Palm Beach Gardens, look no further than JupiterBounce.Com, your locally owned and operated party rental company!