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Giant Yard Games

Our Giant Yard Games are a great addition to any event. You’ll surely recognize these fun, large versions of your favorite games- from Giant Chess & Checkers to Giant Yard Pong and Connect Four, there are options for everyone!


Giant Chess

Checkmate! Our Giant Chess will make your next event a ‘knight’ to remember! Not sure how to play chess? No worries- we have Giant Checkers pieces too!

*Giant Checkers and Giant Chess pieces rented separately.

Dimensions: 8'L 8'W 0.5"H

Giant Checkers

We took the classic game of checkers and made it life size! Giant checkers is perfect for backyard barbecues, corporate parties, or any event looking for a little bit of competition!

*Giant Checkers and Giant Chess pieces rented separately.

Dimensions: 8'L 8'W 0.5"H

Foam Construction Set

How do construction workers party? By raising the roof, of course! Your little ones will love building with our foam bricks, cinder blocks, and wood pieces at your next event. Our Foam Construction Set is perfect for grand openings and construction themed parties.

Giant "Legos"

LEGOs- your favorite toy to play with as a kid and least favorite toy to step on as an adult. Our Giant LEGOs are great for commercial and residential events alike. They are perfect for your young builder and big enough to not step on by mistake!

Giant Horseshoes

Feeling lucky? Giant Horseshoes is perfect for your next backyard get together. Try to score the most points by getting the most horseshoes on the peg!

Giant Connect Four

Life size Connect Four is here! Challenge a friend to a great backyard game. Allows for teams of 2 or 1-on-1 play.

Dimensions: 4L x 2W x 4H

Giant Yard Pong

Play pong inside on a table before? Well, we blew up the size of everything and brought the game outside! The (12) cups are 19 gallon buckets and the ping pong balls grew up to be dodgeballs! Fun for all ages and great at any party.

Giant Jenga

Pull from the bottom and stack it on top! See how high it goes before it falls and bring this childhood game to new heights.

Dimensions: 4L x 4W x 4H

Corn Hole

This popular back yard game is played like horse-shoes and fun for all ages! 8 bean bags included.