Jupiterbounce now offers carnival games. Please see the video above and more images will be updated soon. We currently offer 4 carnivals for rent. 

Kiddie Hi Striker

Who can resist picking up the maul and banging away on a Hi Striker?  With sizes for kids of all ages, you can't go wrong with this incredible carnival game.  People play it time after time to try and ring that bell.  Great for any event!

Froggie Launch

Simple yet so fun! Strike the button and try to get the orange froggie into the pail.

Pyramid Toss

Enjoy this classic carnival game of trying to knock down stacked cans! Toss a bean bag at a pyramid of tin cans. the more you knock down, the more points you score!

Bottle Ring Toss

Now who hasn't played this game before! This fun and simple game consists of tossing plastic rings to get them over bottles on the other end of the table. Great for all ages!

Tipsey Clown Toss

Toss the bean bag into the wall of Tipsey clowns and see how accurate your aim is!